Chris Erskine Visualisation (CEV) is a digital imaging specialist based in Melbourne, Australia.  We have over 20+ years experience working at the forefront of 3D Landscape and Architectural Visualisation.


Our projects range from large-scale commercial and government infrastructure projects, to small, high-detail object models.

Our clients are Urban Developers, Landscape Designers, Architects, Engineers, Artists, Builders, City Councils and 3D imaging companies who require specialist services.


We have a strong R&D focus. We build solid processes to produce high quality, accurate visualisations with fast turnaround and cost efficiency. We use the most advanced tools and evolving techniques to create engaging consultation tools and marketing collateral for planning and design across many sectors.


Our work enables our clients to obtain early buy-in from key stakeholders, preview designs, and gather accurate 3D data from our photogrammetry scans. We enjoy working with a diverse range of clients to realistically visualise their innovative designs and concepts.